Economic Calendar
Economic calendar monitoring, which is one of the main elements of the basic analysis, is of great importance in order to understand the changes in the prices of the assets traded in the market and to benefit from these changes. The economic calendar gives investors valuable information about which country, which data and when to be announced. It also provides convenience regarding the importance of indicators.

As the announced values of economic calendar data, which may cause hard movements in parity and commodity prices, move away from the estimation figures, it is observed that the reactions of the market participants increase. Since the figures outside the forecasts cause investors to start to price new data, there are sharp movements in asset prices.

The economic calendar content on this page is provided by reliable overseas news and data providers. The news in the economic calendar, the date and time of news release, the possible changes to be made in the previous, expectation and announced figures are made by the data providers. LidyaTrade is not responsible for any changes.
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