50% Bonus Promotions

50Half of your loss rebating from Lidya Trade! In order to benefit from this promotion, you must have completed your real account creation at Lidya Trade and you should be sign up a real account for the first time. The minimum funding required to participate in the campaign is 500 USD.

If the investor fulfills these conditions, half of the loss is returned to the account.

  • Each investor can benefit from this campaign only once.
  • To participate in the campaign, you can contact our Customer Representatives via the Lidya Trade website contact section, Whatsapp lines and Live Support.
  • If it is found that the investor is engaged in illegal activities or has made irregularities, all transactions made by Lidya Trade without any excuse will be deemed invalid.
Account Type
All Accounts
Investment Status
First Deposit
Bonus Rate
50% of the Investment
Bonus Type
Withdrawable Bonus
Min. Investment
Validity Date
Only One Tİme
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After opening a real account, if you meet the requirements, your preferred bonus will be offered to you when you invest in the customer panel.

You can consult your investment advisor about the bonuses you can use and the campaigns you can participate, and get detailed information.

  • Bonus
  • Investment

Campaigns Are Calculated Automatically

Campaign rates are calculated automatically by the system and there is no manual action. Therefore, it is not possible to go wrong.

Redeem Your Bonus Now

To use the bonus, simply contact the Live Support Line on our website or contact your consultant.

A good start means half success.
– André Gide

Lidya Trade reserves the right to change the rules of this promotion or to cancel the promotion completely. The obligation to follow the current rules of any promotion rests with the investor. Lidya Trade incorporates expert treasury employees and acts in accordance with the ZERO TOLERANCE policy against investors who are found to be involved in illegal activities, any misuse or illegal activity. It will be possible to close the account of such investors, terminate the relationship with Lidya Trade and initiate legal proceedings against it.